Willows by the Sea Chapel St Leonards Skegness

Willows by the Sea

Willows by the Sea
An undiscovered exclusive caravan park - privately owned caravans in a secluded small holiday park
Willows by the Sea
Willows by the Sea
This is not a large caravan park Simply a corridor of tranquility set immediately behind peaceful sand dunes bout 1/2 mile from the village centre

Access to amenities
Chapel St. Leonards is just a short walk along the beach, or public footpath.


Chapel St. Leonards is a beautiful holiday village to the north of Skegness. It has ample local entertainment, shops, bars restaurants and all needed for a family holiday
Q & A for this park
Q: Can I sub-let my caravan?
No - but See Summerlands Corner Park
Q:Are local amenities close?
Yes - a short walk
Q:How close is the beach?
Immediately behind the park
Q:What are the annual site fees?
Please contact us - there may be special offers.
Q:Can I use my caravan all year round?

No - Visit our all year round parks

Q: When is the park open

1st March to 31st October



The Park
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